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We use a common application process using the Johnson County Community Foundation (Indiana) form. This form will be completed once by applicants and will provide general information for each supplemental scholarship application for which the student chooses to apply. Each scholarship will have specific pages where any additional required items can be found. There are a few scholarships that have a unique application and you must apply for them through a separate link. Once these applications are available, the links will be active below:

The Lilly Endowment Scholarship»

Mitzi Harris Martin Healthcare Scholarship»

The Honorable Cynthia S. Emkes Scholarship»

Pitcher Charitable Trust Scholarship»

Peeples Trust Scholarship renewals»

Apply for all other scholarships»

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Applications for 2016-17 Scholarships are now available!




Download a pdf

The 2016 Scholarship Guide is a 32-page pdf document (7.9 MB file). You may request a hard copy of this document by contacting JCCF

College costs are overwhelming. Even if you or your parents have saved for years, the expenses of tuition and books sometimes stand in your way of achieving your goal of a college degree.

For nearly three decades, our community has come together to help students realize their dreams of furthering their education.

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Generous donors have set up scholarships through the Johnson County Community Foundation. They often know how hard it is to meet all of the college costs, and want to ease that burden on students and families.

To be considered for the scholarships, students must fill out applications and provide information about their school work. In some cases, applicants must write an essay or go through an interview.

But the time invested in the scholarship process can make a difference when those college bills come due.

 IN 2015, JCCF awarded 
165 scholarships totaling $439,854 

College cost estimator workshop with Dave Murray

This year we will be partnering with Central Nine Career Center to bring Dave Murray, President of the National Center for College Costs, to host a College Cost Estimator Workshop at Franklin Community High School on December 15, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. We encourage all area high school seniors and their parents to attend this event to learn how they can make college affordable for them.