An unexpected journey

Published: April 28, 2021 by Bob Heuchan, board chair

This year JCCF celebrates 30 years. It is an honor and privilege to serve as board chair in this anniversary year. And it has been somewhat of a journey to get to this point.

Honestly, some 30 years ago, when the Foundation was established, I did not see where I would fit into its mission or understand the vital role it would play in our Johnson County communities. In the early days I attended the galas, made some small donations here and there and figured that my involvement would not really go beyond that. 

I could have not been more wrong. 

I learned first-hand the benefits of establishing an endowed fund. While it had never been Good Cheer Fund’s mission to accumulate dollars, but the endowment has grown as the result of investment performance and allowed its supporters to realize their mission of providing food baskets at Christmas to less fortunate families. This fund has been very successful in achieving its established goal. 

Over time I came to appreciate the good works of the Foundation under the leadership of Executive Directors Sandy Daniels and Gail Richards. Consider the number of scholarships given out each year to Johnson County students. Or grants to organizations to assist with special projects, or work challenges, such as what we have seen in the past year. 

I was asked to join the board following my retirement from Mutual Savings Bank in 2017. Again, I have come to appreciate even more the dedication of those who serve on the board, committees and staff. 

Today, I find myself confidently recommending the Foundation to others as the means to remember a loved one, to assist an organization, and provide for the greater good of our Johnson County communities. 

I look forward to celebrating the past 30 years, as well as looking forward to the years ahead.

Gail, Bob Heuchan, Virginia

A special thanks to our Platinum Community Partners!

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