Donors Rights

Highest ethical standards

Our Johnson County Community Foundation (JCCF) staff and volunteer board directors are dedicated to our community. We work hand in hand with one important goal in mind -- to invest in our county’s betterment by connecting people who care with causes that matter. Equally important, that you know the phrase is not a motto, it’s our primary mission.

We believe that philanthropy is essential to creating a high quality of life in Johnson County and we know making your investment through JCCF requires a special relationship. We understand donors entrust us with their assets. We are grateful for that confidence and take that trust seriously.

JCCF ascribes to a policy that provides you with specific Donors’ Rights – Ethical Standards in Dealing with Donors.

The policy explains. “JCCF is committed to the highest ethical standards of philanthropy and development. In all transactions between potential donors and JCCF, JCCF will aspire to provide accurate information and full disclosure of the benefits and liabilities that could influence a donor’s decision, including with respect to JCCF’s fees, the irrevocability of a gift, prohibitions on donor restrictions, items that are subject to variability (such as market value, investment return, and income yield), JCCF’s responsibility to provide periodic financial statements with regard to donor funds, and investment policies and other information needed by donors to make an informed choice about using JCCF as a vehicle of charitable gifts. In addition, all donors will be strongly encouraged to discuss their gifts with their own financial and tax advisors before signing any gift agreement. The role of JCCF’s staff is to inform, guide, and assist the donor in fulfilling his or her philanthropic goals, without pressure or undue influence.”

The policy goes on to say, “JCCF recognizes the paramount role of donors and their gifts to JCCF in executing its charitable mission. In carrying out JCCF’s development program, staff will recognize and acknowledge donors in appropriate ways, both publicly and privately, subject to JCCF’s Policy on Confidentiality. Donors reserve the freedom to determine the degree and type of recognition that they prefer and JCCF respects the confidentiality of donors who do not wish to be publicly recognized.”

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