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What you need to know about the application process

connecting people with causes:
windrose health network

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"Our patients and our doctors love the new point-of-care diagnostic equipment that WindRose Health Network was able to buy through JCCF’s very generous donation. For certain tests...our doctors can get test results, discuss with patients and make modifications to treatment plans all in a single visit. No more waiting, no playing telephone tag – just good medical care on the spot."

Scott Rollett
CF0 and CEO, WindRose Health Network


These guidelines and policies apply only to the unrestricted philanthropic funds of the Johnson County Community Foundation and not to those funds for which the donor has designated the beneficiary or has restricted the use of a particular fund to a specific charitable purpose. Those designated and restricted funds will be administered separately in relation to their respective donor agreements.

JCCF offers unrestricted cycle grants to nonprofit organizations for charitable projects in Johnson County, Indiana or serving Johnson County residents.

Interested in applying for a grant? Here are a few things you should know:

The Process

  • Organizations interested in submitting a grant request must first submit a Letter of Inquiry which helps the Foundation determine whether or not the request meets the required guidelines and policies. This form must be submitted on the provided JCCF Letter of Inquiry form, typed, and filled out completely.
  • Grants are awarded in two cycles during the calendar year:
    • 2017 Spring Grant Cycle - closed
      • The spring cycle or the “Big Impact Grants: BIGs will focus on programs that provide services that are collaborative, forward thinking, community changing, practical and unique to the community (specific criteria is listed in the Letter of Inquiry).
      • These requests may be $15,000-$25,000.
    • 2017 Fall Grant Cycle – closed
      • These requests may be $1,000-$10,000.
    • Additional grant cycles will be available in 2018.

Letter of Inquiry (Downloadable form is available once grant cycles open.)

  • The form is required to be TYPED and submitted via email.
  • Every question on the Letter of Inquiry is REQUIRED to be answered for it to be complete. 
  • If you miss the deadline for your Letter of Inquiry, you must wait until the next cycle to submit.
  • JCCF will send you an email confirmation after receiving your Letter of Inquiry.
  • If the Foundation has additional questions about your Letter of Inquiry, be assured that you will be contacted. Or, you may direct questions to our grants and scholarship officer.

If your Letter of Inquiry meets funding guidelines, requirements, and the vision of the Foundation (view our grant policies) your organization may then be invited to:

Apply for a formal Grant Application

  • This may be done by invitation only. After approval of your Letter of Inquiry, you will be invited to submit a formal grant application. This application form will be e-mailed to you by JCCF staff.
  • An organization can expect a decision regarding its application within 30 to 60 days after the grant application deadline.
  • All grant applicants will be notified in writing via email of the Foundation’s decision.

We take pride in being good stewards of donor's wishes. Decisions about grants are made by a diverse group of donors, staff, board members and community volunteers.

Those awarded a grant must then submit a Final Grant Report Form within 30 days from the completion date of your grant activity, at the latest one year after the grant has been awarded. To request the Final Grant Report Form, please email our grants and scholarship officer. The form will be emailed as a Word document and should be typed and returned via email. If you have questions please email our grants and scholarship officer.