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Color the County

Our Color the County is an artful collaboration that connects people who care with causes that matter. And in this case, what matters is improving the cultural fabric of our community through public art.

The Johnson County Community Foundation (JCCF) launched the countywide mural program in 2016 to celebrate our Foundation’s 25th Anniversary. Coloring the county was the perfect way to party and the mural program was our gift to the community.

We developed the initiative to live on through future artistic efforts, and our goal is now a reality. Each year we invite local artists to participate in a design competition and the designs are brought to life through Community Painting Days. 

Want to visit all our Color the County murals? Check out their locations on the map below:

Mural Trail Map   

Color the County Mural Program Bargersville 2020

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Color the County mural program
Mural support provided by

  • Elba L. and Gene Portteus Branigin Foundation

Questions? Contact:

Kim Kasting at or 317.738.2213

2023 Mural Program

JCCF's Color the County Mural Program added murals at the Book Barn (JCPL Franklin Branch) 401 State St., Franklin, Indiana. The murals have touching beginnings that were brought to life by two artists and the community. 

See photos from our community painting day here.

Color the County murals 2023
The Artists:

Chrissy Robertson is a graduate of Herron School of Art and Design and is a creative professional with a passion for the arts and design. Chrissy's love for the arts extends to her active involvement in the local community. In 2018 she co-founded Creative Council of Franklin, a non-profit organization focused on promoting the arts and engaging the community through various art events. Recognizing her contributions to the arts, Chrissy was appointed by the Mayor of Franklin, Steve Barnett, to serve on the Franklin Public Art Advisory Commission, where she continues to champion the growth and accessibility of art in the community. In addition to her artistic endeavors, Chrissy has also served on the board of the Friends of the Johnson County Library for the last six years, four of which she acted as president.

Gabriel Yaden is an international award-winning figurative painter from downtown Franklin, Indiana. From still-life paintings infused with energetic pastels, to slick inky sketches, to grandiose figurative oil paintings Gabriel works across a multitude of styles and media. Gabriel; or Demo Yaden, attended Herron School of Art and Design, Franklin College and The Art Department where he studied studio art and illustration. When not in his Franklin studio working with oils, he is out working in design and illustration for everything from murals to concept art for games. Much of his work can be seen throughout downtown Franklin.

Amy Kitchen

The Story Behind the Art:

In fall 2021 Amy Kitchen asked the JCPL administration if they would consider putting a mural on the "Book Barn" at the Franklin Branch Library property. She and her friend, Merilee Allen, the Friends of JCPL book sale coordinator, asked for the mural together. JCPL reached out to JCCF to learn more about the Color the County Mural Program. Amy was passionate about design and art, and as JCPL's graphic designer for 33 years, JCPL was heartbroken when she died in October 2022. At that time, the JCPL Book Barn mural was already in the works with JCCF.

Amy’s vision for the Book Barn was that it would become the destination photo spot. Amy wanted the mural to appeal to a wide variety of people of all ages and encourage the enjoyment of different types of art. She wanted the art to draw in locals and tourists; to welcome people and encourage exploration of the area. The designs selected should certainly deliver on Amy’s dream!

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to make Amy's dream come true. We think she would have been over the moon with delight at the designs selected,” said Lisa Lintner, JCPL.

2022 Mural

Our 2022 mural, located in Edinburgh, Indiana, helped commemorate Edinburgh's 200th Anniversary! See photos from the Community Painting Day here.

2022 Edinburgh Color the County mural

592 W Center Cross St., Edinburgh, Indiana • Artist Chelsie Liberati

2022 Edinburgh Color the County mural painting day
We celebrated the work of art with a Community Painting Day where residents of all ages helped us bring the mural to life.

"The artist's ability to combine the location of the river and dam with the fish and a secondary, almost subliminal, attachment to Camp Atterbury with the topographical lines mimicking a camouflage pattern is outstanding. This piece will become a landmark for many Edinburgh visitors and locals,” said Dave Windisch, JCCF’s mural design artistic lead and Color the County Mural Program committee member.

Artist Chelsie Liberati is a muralist, author and children’s book illustrator with a passion for sharing art with the community.

2021 Mural

Our 2021 Color the County Mural Program added a mural in Greenwood, along the new I-69 route. See photos from the Community Painting Day here.

2021 mural in Greenwood at McCarty Mulch

100 Bluffdale Rd., McCarty Mulch • Artist Leah Pinney

Artish Leah Pinney at mural painting day
Leah Pinney’s mural design was brought to life at our summer Community Painting Day. Pinney is a graphic designer out of Indianapolis and an experienced mural artist.

2020 Mural

Bargersville was the location of our 2020 Color the County Mural Program. See photos from the Community Painting Day here.

2020 Bargersville Color the County mural

89 S. Baldwin Street, Taxman Brewing Co., • Artist Stacie Drane

2019 Murals

In 2019, our Color the County Mural Program added murals in Franklin and Trafalgar. See photos from the Franklin and Trafalgar Community Painting Days.

2019 Color the County Franklin mural

249 S. Main Street, Richards Brick Oven Pizza • Artist Shannon McKeon

2019 Trafalgar mural

800 S. Indian Creek Drive • Artists: Creative Council of Franklin Artists including Chrissy Robertson, Meredith Pierson, Patrick Tisdale, and Elissa McKee

2018 Murals

Our Color the County Mural Program added murals in Franklin and Edinburgh in 2018. See photos from the Franklin and Edinburgh Community Painting Days.

S Main bridge underpass mural

South Main Street Bridge Underpass • Artist Erin Davis

Edinburgh mural 2018

100/102 East Main Cross Street • Artist Andrea Light

2017 Murals

In 2017, our Color the County Mural Program added murals in Franklin and Whiteland. See photos from the Franklin and Whiteland Community Painting Days.

Color the County Franklin mural 2017

 315 E. Jefferson Street • Artist Danny Causey

2017 Whiteland mural

530 Main Street • Artist Dave Windisch

2016 Color the County Launch

JCCF identified three mural-worthy locations in Bargersville, Franklin and Greenwood, invited local artists to participate in a design competition and brought the designs to life through Community Painting Days. Color the County engaged the community in a beautification event for all ages, decorated our communities and set the stage for future mural-making efforts. If you want to see how much fun you can have, view the 2016 Color the County slide show.

2016 Bargersville mural

10 S. Baldwin Street • Artist Amber Berninger

2016 Franklin mural

86 W. Court Street • Artist Gordon Strain

2016 Greenwood mural

189 W. Main Street • Artist Amy Hommel

Indiana Arts Commission logo
Support for the 2017-2020 murals provided by Indiana Arts Commission.

Contact JCCF today.

Email: Kim Minton, President & CEO | Call: 317-738-2213

Arts and Culture initiatives add to the quality of life in our community. 

A special thanks to our Platinum Community Partners!

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